Includes 300x250 and 728x90 display banner ads; product sponsored video content and site sponsorship options

Fix My Hog is the leading digital media resource for V-Twin marketers

  • 58,000 unique users visit every month
  • 273,000 pages are viewed
  • Average time on site 4:00 Min.
  • 85,000 videos viewed monthly
  • 160,000 e-newsletter recipients
  • 102,000 social followers 

Reaching 300,000 V-Twin Enthusiasts Each Month

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Custom Video Solutions

Includes 300x250 and 600x90 display banner ads; dedicated e-blasts; product sponsored videos and sponsorship options

Includes Facebook and YouTube posts, and product sponsored video previews

Includes multi-channel branding programs, sweepstakes promotions and multi-video series packages

1.5 Million Video Views in 2015

2015 will be the year of video marketing & video content will account for 84% of online traffic by 2018*

No wonder Fix My Hog is growing so rapidly. 643,000 video views in 2014 was just the beginning.

Our audience will view over 1.5 million videos in 2015 through all Fix My Hog channels.


*, 2014

The Fix My Hog Team

When Dennis Santopietro and Bob LaRosa began creating videos as Fix My Hog in 2004, little did they know how digital media would expand their audience.

LaRosa is now a web personality in his own right, noted for his detailed mechanical advice and thorough product descriptions. Bob is a certified motorcycle mechanic an ex-Harley-Davidson employee and a professional garage owner.

Mark DiPietro, another skilled motorcycle mechanic, has worked alongside Bob for over 20 years. That's a lot of wrenching on the Fix My Hog team.

Product Sponsored Videos Sell

Video creation is where Fix My Hog shines. We work with key sponsors to showcase their products in sponsored video clips that run from 3-5 minutes.

They are not commercials, or even infomercials. They are instructional videos that incorporate a sponsor's product into an authoritative message about repairing, improving or even customizing a motorcycle.

Love Jugs

Dennis Kirk

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*Cisco Visual Networking Index


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Fix My Hog, I just gotta say, this site has saved me so much time, money, swearing and head scratching. I recommend your site to all my friends.



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